Quality Control

Laboratory Control and Analysis

The same care and attention is applied to all jobs, big or small, and for any type of coating.

We know that by controlling the environment we are controlling the level of quality we offer. From the chemical composition of the bath, to the temperature of the plating material – all aspects are strictly controlled so the unique electroplating, HVOF or PTAW characteristics are adhered to.

The value of the coatings is far beneath the surface, beyond what we can see. With our state-of-the-art in-house laboratory, we can analyze the coating to ensure it is standing up to the specifications it needs to be measured by.

In our lab, we have the ability to mount, polish, etch and photograph cross-section samples to show you all aspects of the applied material. We can take a cross-section of any coating we apply and do micro hardness testing on that cross-section (can be on sections as thin as .001”). Carbide particles applied through PTAW coating serves as an excellent example of how important this type of testing is: If the carbide particles in the coating are not applied in the proper way, the particles can fall out of solution which may lead to disbonding or premature wear.

We have been tasked with tolerances as tight as .0005”, plus we have also maintained mirror finishes on numerous components. Current or historical quality assurance documentation is available for all product lines and services we provide.

Quality Control

Our quality control department inspects all hydraulic repaired, serviced and manufactured products prior to final assembly to ensure the exact specifications of the job have been met. Our facility is clean and organized, and our processes are thoroughly developed. As well, all aspects of the Magnetic Particle Inspection (MPI) are completed in-house.

Another key feature of our business is the ongoing program to research and develop new and innovative methods and materials for metal electroplating and metal spraying. We are always working to provide progressive and innovative solutions to your wear and erosion issues.

Commitment to Quality

We offer you an unwavering commitment to the standards of our ISO 9001:2000 Global Certification and our participation and recognition in the WCB Partners in Injury Reduction Program.