Plasma Transferred Arc Welding

High Energy, Low Heat - Metallurgical Bond

In a computer controlled facility at Inotec, Plasma Transferred Arc Welding (PTAW) is applied to your equipment components. PTAW is a high energy, low heat, inert gas welding process that, because of the rapid rate of solidification, produces very high-quality dense deposits with minimum dilution and deformation to the base material. The process is similar to electron beam and laser welding and is used to apply precise overlays on parts subject to corrosion, thermal shock, severe abrasion or slurry erosion.

The advantage of PTAW is it’s applied with a low heat input, providing minimal distortion and high resistance to chipping because of its dense metallurgical structure, free of voids, oxide films and discontinuities. On average, there is less than 2-5% dilution in the base material, yet the life of the component could be increased by anywhere from 2 to 50 times, depending on the component and PTAW powder used.

Meeting Your PTAW Needs

The PTAW division has the capability of overlaying ODs and IDs with many hardfacing alloys, as well as corrosion-resistant materials such as tungsten carbide and high nickel alloys. Inotec also has extensive experience in applying non-magnetic overlays, specific for down-hole drilling tools. We recognize the in-demand industry need for impact resistant tungsten carbide overlays and are ready to deliver this service with our multi-pass capabilities.

Other applications of PTAW are:

  • Crusherteeth
  • Screens
  • All ground engagement equipment for the oilsands market
  • Valve components
  • Down-hole tools
  • Slurry transport
  • High wear piping components
  • Areas where chromium carbide is not providing the significant wear-life

A Growing Division

We have recently introduced an eighth fully-automated PTAW system to handle your overlay needs. It’s just another way we are working diligently to build a facility that can do whatever it takes to help your business save more money.

PTAW coatings can be ground or machined depending on the alloy applied. We have the ability to machine or grind any surface we can apply the PTAW coating to.

PTAW coatings can be applied at our facility or we have other options available to you if you require on-site service to best meet your needs.

Quality control is an important aspect of our business. Please read more about our commitment to quality control and testing.