Superior Hydraulic Capacity

We have a dedicated, full-service hydraulic equipment manufacturing, servicing and repairing facility. Our solutions are especially focused on hydraulic cylinders and swivel joints for mobile cranes, and our hydraulic control valves repair shop can provide turnkey products.

Inotec is one of the only approved crane cylinder repair facilities. With the capacity to repair a 32’ long Crane Boom Extension Cylinder, we have been able disassemble and repair every crane cylinder we have encountered.

We can deliver on the precise requirements of hydraulics work, meeting your specifications and exact tolerances.

Hydraulic Cylinders and Suspension Struts

Process and quality go hand-in-hand. The process followed in the repairing, servicing and manufacturing of hydraulic cylinders and suspension struts includes the following:

  • We will disassemble and inspect hydraulic cylinders of any shape or size.
    • Disassembly takes place right here in our own facility.
    • With torque capabilities of 120,000 foot pounds and the ability to handle 240 mm gland nuts, we can handle the disassembly of larger hydraulic components in our facility.
  • All cylinders are tested, extended and retracted using our hydraulic test bench at variable pressure settings and under specific operating pressures.
  • A comprehensive inspection report, including magnetic particle inspection (MPI) for cracks, is completed for every component. Photographs of key components, items of failure and a failure analysis can all be detailed, as requested.
    • All MPI services are completed in-house.
  • New seal kits are installed with the repair and service of all hydraulic components, either OEM or jobber, as per your requirements.

Quality control is an important aspect of our business. Please read more about our commitment to quality control and testing.