HVOF Thermal Spray

HVOF Thermal Spray Service

High Velocity Oxygen Fuel (HVOF) Thermal Spray is a process that uses an oxygen-fuel mixture, involving the introduction of various powders into a flame and expelling them at high velocity, to produce a high-quality, wear or corrosion resistant coating. The coatings are applied at velocities that surpass 600 m/second! The result is a coating that is very low in porosity and very high in bond-strength. At Inotec, we have made it a priority to be experts in this process. We have a total of seven spray guns, with one being a robotic (automated) system for high volume orders.

Many materials can be applied through this process – stainless steel, aluminum bronze, nickel chrome, copper, chrome carbide, ceramic, fusible nickel, tungsten carbide, and many more.

HVOF coatings can be applied at our facility or on-site at your location with our mobile field unit to best meet your needs.

Quality control is an important aspect of our business. Please read more about our commitment to quality control and testing.