Protecting your Business Assets

Using electroplating to protect your parts and components from wear, erosion and corrosion will minimize equipment downtime, keeping you productive, efficient and profitable. We are one of two facilities in North America approved to apply nickel-chrome coatings to the down-hole tool companies.

Electroplating is a major component of our multi-faceted business and involves the use of electrical current to apply a coating of material to a product for the purpose of wear resistance, corrosion resistance, or to build up thickness of a part. Our expert technicians and equipment can handle inside and outside diameters.

We are recognized electroplating leaders in:

  • Industrial hard chrome plating
    • Capacity for plating new or worn parts or components of 45' length, over 40" diameters, and up to 20,000 lbs.
  • Nickel-chrome plating
    • The only facility in Western Canada to offer you this plating and the increased protection it provides.
  • Copper plating
  • Selective plating
  • Duplex coatings

Many of our electroplating services can be provided on-site with our mobile field unit.

Key to Quality Electroplating

Application of a quality electroplated coating must be a controlled process – and we commit to achieving your exact requirements each and every time. We manage the process with precision, plus we check a completed cross-section to ensure the bond of the plating, porosity and structure, as well as the micro-hardness.

Quality control is an important aspect of our business. Please read more about our commitment to quality control and testing.