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Effective September 15, 2014 Inotec has been acquired by Corrosion and Abrasion Solutions Ltd.!

For more details please goto: www.casltd.ca

At Inotec, we offer a wide range of coating applications, hydraulics repairs and maintenance services as well as manufacture complete capabilities. We are your one-stop shop, in a modern 100,000 square foot facility, providing simple solutions to your standard or complex problems. We get you up and running, minimizing downtime and maximizing efficiency.

Key aspects of our business:

Other specializations:

To further our commitment to provide progressive solutions, we work in close contact with major companies and industry members. We are committed to quality and to meeting your exact specifications.

We are approved vendors in the oilsands industry, certified to sell to Syncrude, Suncore and Albain Sands to provide various application processes and hydraulic repairs and maintenance.